Dr. De Ann Fitzgerald

Lectures nationally about rehabilitation and concussion

Dr. De Ann Fitzgerald
Dr. D.M. Fitzgerald & Associates

  • Graduate of Pacific University after attending Lutheran College
  • Created a primary care clinic that treats ocular disease and evaluates patients with brain injuries
  • Facilitated 8,000 baseline testings for concussions
  • CIC certified in IMPACT, a web based product used in concussion management
  • Lectured nationally about rehabilitation and concussion

Dr. Fitzgerald has been providing eye care to eastern Iowa since graduating from Pacific University in 1984. She runs a busy primary care clinic where she diagnoses and treats ocular disease and evaluates patients with brain injury. In 2007, she opened a multi-disciplinary clinic, Cedar Rapids Vision in Motion, which provides occupational therapy, vision skills rehabilitation, and low vision services to children and adults. She attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where she played softball and basketball. At Pacific University, she went to NCAA nationals two years in a row. She taught pitching and batting clinics and was umpire in chief of softball tournaments for high school students. Dr. Fitzgerald also played semi-professional softball in the 1980’s. She has a special interest in sports vision performance and concussion. Dr. Fitzgerald has helped facilitate over 8,000 baseline testings for concussion in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding community. Vision in Motion utilizes their Sports Vision Performance protocol to train the area amateur and professional teams in hockey, basketball, arena football, and soccer.

Working with Metro Youth Football, which has 1,400 young people playing football annually, Dr. Fitzgerald has helped implement a baseline screening protocol with nearly 100% athlete participation. In fact, the pre-season baseline and post-concussion care protocol is so successful it has attracted attention from the NFL. Dr. Fitzgerald has lectured nationally about neuro-rehabilitation and concussion. She is CIC certified in IMPACT, which is a web based product used in concussion management. Locally, she has received the Waypoint Pillar of the Community in 2008 and The Corridor Business Journal’s Woman of Influence in 2010. With the Sports Vision Performance Training, a concussion plus no solution equals hysteria. We possess the solution and it is training the brain with Sports Vision Performance techniques. Pre-season sports vision training reduces the incidence of concussion and reduces the time to recover from a concussion. Dr. Fitzgerald’s mission is to keep our athletes safe while participating in the sports they love.


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